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Industry Expert for IPO

Goodman Analytics

Proper industry research will make the industry and investment opportunities clear to
investors. The research includes development environment, status quo, major competitors,
client status, etc.

Goodman is a group of Experts in research reports for IPO. We are capable of assisting in
Sections like Industry Overview, Business, Risk Factors, etc. in the Prospectus.

Industry Overview

Industry research directly provide materials and assistance for IO section in the IPO projects.

Goodman will analyze the development environment, market size, major competitors, raw materials, related sectors, market driving forces, risks, opportunities and prospects of the target industry.

Goodman will advise in product and service classifications and choose proper niche market for reference and also evaluate the market share and market status of the Company with objective and reasonable viewpoints.

Key to Success

Research serving IPO focuses on a specific industry, a product or a service, which defines the status quo and development trend of the Company in the industry regarding the products/services and business.Niche market research in certain time rage is the base for modeling. The purchase of such research is correctly guiding investors to understand a company in an industry and projecting the future development.

You Request, We Provide

Goodman team has Over 10-year successive research experience in various industries with many successful cases. We provide all-side industry research from inner company to the industry chain, from raw materials to the market at reasonable price. We take effective communication in the projects to save time and cost.